The Science of SISU


The Science of SISU

SISU Mouth Guards USALess is More

In SISU labs, they have put each mouthguard through strenuous testing to see how it performs in relation to its competitors. What they’ve found is that, when compared to a conventional mouthguard with greater thickness, both the SISU Aero and SISU Max absorb significantly greater impact forces, better protecting your teeth from damage.

“Energy is always conserved. When a CONVENTIONAL mouthguard is hit, part of the impact energy can be consumed by the mouthguard material itself, but the rest will get transmitted to the teeth underneath the mouthguard. THAT IS NOT THE CASE WITH SISU”

Professor Johannes Schwank, Ph.D.

THEIR mission was clear: reinvention.

Surerior Protection - Superior Energy Absorption

Minimal Material Deformation


Higher Tensile Strength

It's smart to be able to talk, drink & breathe easily with your mouth guard in place